• Managing Loss of Appetite in Seniors (Part 1): 9 Reasons Why They May Not Be Eating
    Has your elderly loved one had a sudden decrease or lack of appetite? Are they having troubles chewing or swallowing? Or are they just not wanting to eat? Have you noticed a change in their weight or energy levels? This doesn’t always mean something is wrong, it could be just a normal part of aging. It is common for seniors to eat less as their metabolism slows and their nutritional … Read more
  • Managing Loss of Appetite in Seniors (Part 2): Foods for Elderly with No Appetite
    Is your elderly loved one refusing to eat? Are you concerned that they are losing weight and have decreased energy? Are they experiencing difficulty chewing or swallowing? It’s not always easy to know what to do when dealing with a senior who refuses to eat. It can be a challenge to know what foods to provide them with to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need. After … Read more
  • Managing Loss of Appetite in Seniors (Part 3): 9 Ways to Stimulate their Appetite
    Are you offering your elderly loved one all the right foods, or even the wrong ones, but they are still refusing to eat? Are you concerned that they are wasting away from not eating or not eating enough? Have you tried everything to stimulate their appetite and nothing is helping? We are here to help with Part 3 of Managing Loss of Appetite in Seniors! Chances are your senior is … Read more
  • Seniors & Exercise (Part 2): Physical Activities
    Do you want to help your elderly loved one increase their energy levels, boost their appetite or manage pain? An active lifestyle can help your senior in many ways. Seniors should engage in at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-to-vigorous exercise in bouts of 10 minutes or more to achieve health benefits and improve functional abilities. That’s less than 25 minutes per day to live a happier, healthier and … Read more
  • Seniors & Exercise (Part 1): The Benefits
    Is your elderly loved one struggling to perform daily activities? Are you concerned about their mood, energy levels or loss of appetite? Are they in pain or have they fallen recently? There is a solution that could help with all of these issues that is both convenient and beneficial! Regular exercise can be a positive remedy for many of the ailments your aging adult is experiencing. Even those with physical … Read more